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Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Power Of Dreams

Is there power now in dreams?

Yes there is power in dreams.

Tracing back to the origin of dreams, dreams start when one is a child.

The most common child dream is the wet dream.

Where you dream the most about sex.

This is going to indicate to you the type of boy or girl you like.

There is also another type of dream that kept us busy.

When we dreamt there is money found some where in the bedroom or in the house.

I remember most of the times we will wake up trying to figure out where this money is found.

Dreams also have a time when they vanish.

Most of the times when the individual is suffering from depression, they have lost their feelings, going through serious mental damage, stress, overwork.

The reason I could say that is because I have been through it.

So this is not just an article but a life experience.

I got back to the dreaming face 2012 when I was just a young man.

There was not a single night I didn't dream.

I was wondering what dreams could mean.

For 3 years, I couldn't get to a conclusion of what dreams where all about.

There came a type when I concluded that dreams didn't mean any thing.

But there was still this conviction in my heart that dreams most mean something.

Since in most of the dreams, I saw real faces and people.

Late 2015, I went into a deeper understanding of what dreams could mean.

By this time, I had found out that people drop things on you like friendship, sex, love, hate, jealousy.

Each time I had a dream, I tried to think on whom I was the previous day and then I found out that dreams is a better explanation of what people drop on you.

For those of you that are in constant contact with people, then you want to take dreams seriously.

For someone like me, I'm a little too spiritual so my spirit can give me a life flash of what I'm into.

For those of you that are not so spiritual and not spiritual at all, your spirit is going to try to take care of you through dreams.

When you dream say a woman or a man pulling you hard in your dream, then they have falling in love with you, when you dream someone shooting you in your dream, they want to kill you, they might not want to kill you physically but they might want to make you lose your job, family etc, when you find some one coming in your dream to give you sex, then they want to have sex with you.

Dreams might not necessarily trying to indicate to you who has fallen in love with you, want to have sex with you or hate you.

They also tell you what people like and hate.

Now this is my most important secret of all.

You have found this new woman, man and you are wondering how to please them to the fullest.

Then watch out on the dreams you will have during this period of what a man show up to you likes or what a woman showing up to you likes.

That in the man or woman you have just meant.

Try to do the things your dream indicated to you to them and watch the magic.

Some times they might not even know how much they like that thing until you do it to them.

You hate your Boss, teacher, this police officer...

Then watch out on your dreams about what a man or woman hates.

That will reflect directly to that person you disagree with.

Dreams might also show you what people are afraid of.

But with this one it is rear since life and nature have to trust you first so you don't go about scaring people to dead.

Dreams do mean something, for those of you going about buying dream books, then you're wasting that money. All you have to do is reflect on what you were doing the previous day or with whom you were with and that dream will explain to you what you were in or what you are up to.

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